We are looking for donations of the following items to help support our LGBTQIA and Disabled CommunityHere are two main ways you can help out!!

Crowdfunding Campaign

Your Impact

Your generous donation will significantly impact The Alphabet Project, enabling us to continue our mission of [briefly describe your mission]Here are some key areas where your contribution will be utilized:

  1. LCC Registrations:
    • Cover the costs associated with legal registrations to ensure our organization is officially recognized.
  2. Continued Education:
    • Support ongoing learning opportunities for our team to enhance their skills and knowledge.
  3. Rental Space:
    • Provide funds for securing a dedicated space, allowing us to expand our services and reach more individualsAlso, to be sure that we can have safe spaces for each of our events in the future.
  4. Payroll:
    • To grow, I and other workers who give multiple hours of their week to this organization need a source of income to continue doing what we do.
  5. Marketing and Branding
    • To get the word out and help rebrand The Alphabet Project, we need to be able to not just pay for the help, but even just the simple flyers and other marketing material each closet uses costs us money.
  6. Funds to Grow
    • New material, ideas, totes, and helpEverything costs money, so anything given is used to make The Alphabet Project grow bigger and better daily.
  7. Other Essential Needs:
    • Allocation for miscellaneous expenses crucial to the day-to-day operations of The Alphabet Project.

How Your Donation Helps

Every dollar counts, and your donation will directly contribute to the growth and sustainability of The Alphabet ProjectTogether, we can positively impact the lives of those we serve.

Donate Now

You can give 1 of 3 ways,

Amazon Wishlist

Physical Items We Need

Apart from financial support, we also appreciate in-kind donations to improve our clothing closetsExplore our Amazon Wishlist to see the specific items that will enhance our ability to serve the community:

How In-Kind Donations Make a Difference

Contributing items from our Wishlist, you’re helping us create a more comfortable and supportive environment for those in needFrom clothing essentials to other necessary supplies, your donation directly impacts the well-being of the individuals we serve.

Donating Items You Already Have: If you discover items on our wishlist that you already own, please consider donating themWe don’t require these items to be brand new, and we gladly welcome your gently used contributions.

Our Most Needed Items:

  1. Sturdy Totes:
    • The boxes are falling apart, and we need durable totes to store and label clothes for upcoming events efficiently.
  2. Velvet Hangers:
    • Non-slip and non-indentation velvet and pant hangers are essential for organizing our clothing.
  3. Clothing Rack:
    • Suitable, sturdy clothing racks are crucialIf you have unused ones or even stand-alone closet systems, we’d be grateful to take them off your hands.
  4. Folding Tables:
    • Folding tables provide an excellent display solution for items that can’t be hungWe prefer the folding kind for space efficiency.
  5. Dollys and Carts:
    • Carrying boxes and totes can be challengingDonating a dolly or cart would be a tremendous help and a literal back-saver.
  6. Shoe racks:
    • We have SO MANY SHOES!!! Right now, they live in a box that is falling apart, and there is no good way to display themSome nice, tall shoe racks would be amazing to have!
  7. Event Supplies:
    • Food and serving trays, plates, drink dispensers, and utensils are neededWe aim to provide light refreshments to enhance the overall experience for closet participants.
  8. Large Grocery Sacks:
    • Help participants carry as much clothing as needed without worrying about grocery sacks’ durability.

Thank you for considering a donation to The Alphabet ProjectYour support is vital in helping us make a positive difference in the lives of those we aim to serve.

If you want to arrange a donation pick up, please complete our Contact Form.

If you want to Volunteer, please visit our Volunteer Page or complete our Volunteer Form.

Midwest Nerd Chick is not a 501(c)(3) organization, so donations are not tax deductibleHowever, all profits from donations will go directly to helping the LGBTQIA and Disabled Communities.

We appreciate your support of our mission to empower and uplift the LGBTQIA and Disabled CommunitiesYour donation will help us provide resources, support, and advocacy to those most need it.

Thank you for your generosity.

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